Tea Light Flight-  6 Candle Scent Sampler

Tea Light Flight- 6 Candle Scent Sampler

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Not sure which scent you want to try? Take your nose on a journey with a flight of tea lights. This is a great way to sample 6 Beans and Bees scents to help you decide which are your favorites! Approximately 6 hours burn time each.

  • Winter Flight:  Includes our wonderful winter collection...*Grampus  *Santa's Favorite Cookie  *Christmas Tree Shopping  *Cranberry Mint Julep  *Winterfell  *Creamy Candy Cane
  • Fall FlightIncludes our fall collection and then some...* Praline Pumpkin Pie   *Kicked Up Apple   *Fall Into Winter   *Grandma's Pantry   *Warm Rosemary Bread   *Dusk on the Delaware
  • The Foodie:   *I've Got the Blues Berry Muffin   *Red Velvet Cupcake   *My Favorite Coffee Shop   *Warm Rosemary Bread   *Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream   *Fresh Strawberries & Cream
  • Fruity & Floral:  *Blue Lilacs   *My Neighbor's Rose Garden   *Lavender Laundry   *French Pear   *Peach Party   *Stop Razzin' Me
  • Faves:   *Hippie Chick   *Hippie Chuck   *A Walk in Core Creek Park    *Dusk on the Delaware   *This is Kokomo  *It's Okay to be Vanilla