Best Candles in Philadelphia

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Holiday, Floral & Aromatherapy Candles in Philly

Libellule Candle Co has the best candles in the Philadelphia area. Our candle company is based in Bucks County, but people from all over the area can purchase and enjoy our scented candles.

We’ve been in the candle making business since 2017, when we decided to start selling artisan scented candles in the greater Philadelphia area. Our candle company supplies the best holiday candles, aromatherapy candles, food candles, floral scented candles and even custom candles.

Our candle making company specializes in making hand poured beeswax candles and soy wax candles, and all of our candles have natural ingredients and a great aroma that will keep your living space peaceful, warm and relaxing.

Our aromatherapy candles are among one of our most popular candles in Philadelphia. Our aromatherapy candles are 100% natural and made from essential oils, beeswax and soy. They come in a variety of scents for whatever mood you’re in. Many of these aromatherapy candles have calming and relaxing properties, which is perfect for those looking to de-stress or for those who suffer from anxiety. Our floral scented candles also have those same properties.

If you like the holiday season and fun and festive scents, then you’ll love our holiday candles. These holiday candles range from scents like Christmas Tree Shopping to seasonal desserts. If you love food candles and holiday candles, our Praline Pumpkin Pie or Kicked Up Apple candles are great options to use in your home.

Our candles also make incredible gifts around the holidays, birthdays or just because! They are also great to use as event favors. Our candle making company provides options for you to create custom candles in Philly. You can select from one of our signature scents or you can make your own! Custom candles as event favors or decorations are perfect because we allow you to customize the design and the scent! Our custom candles make for a memorable gift or event favor for everyone in Philadelphia!

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100% Soy & Beeswax Candles For Sale in Philadelphia

Not all candle making companies use the natural and unique ingredients that we do when we formulate our candles. Many candle companies in the Philadelphia area and beyond use paraffin in their candles, but we use beeswax and soy to combine sustainable and natural ingredients that have many benefits.

Soy wax candles are known for their sustainability. Beeswax candles are very low in toxicity, meaning you won’t be releasing any toxic byproducts into the air when burning our candles.  Beeswax candles also release negative ions when burned, which eliminates dust, mold, and unpleasant odors. Our beeswax and soy wax candles are the best of both worlds: you get a wonderful scent in your home that will be able to burn for a long time without damaging the environment around you.

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Libellule Candle Co prides itself on providing affordable and unique scented candles to the Philadelphia area. Besides serving Philadelphia and other parts of southeast PA, we also sell candles in NJ. We want anyone looking for our products to be able to buy them and burn them in their homes without any hassle!

If you’re looking for the best scented candles in the Philly area, shop our wide selection of candles! We guarantee you’ll be able to find a scent that fits your needs and preferences perfectly!