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If you’re in New Jersey and you’re looking for an affordable and high quality candle store, look no further. Libellule Candle Co. is the best candle store in the NJ area that specializes in soy and beeswax candles of all scents! You can find one-of-a-kind scented candles here! Whether you like floral candles, holiday candles, aromatherapy candles, food candles and more, we have a wide selection of affordable and unique scented candles that will be sure to make your home smell great!

Most candle stores in NJ sell paraffin candles. At Libellule Candle Co. our candles are 100% natural and are made from soy and beeswax. Soy candles are known to be incredibly sustainable. However, it’s hard to have just pure soy candles. That’s why we combine soy and beeswax together to create unique and environmentally friendly scented candles for everyone to enjoy. Beeswax candles are one of the oldest forms of candles out there. Beeswax candles are known for their low toxicity, meaning they won’t bring any toxins into your home or living space when you burn these candles. Our beeswax and soy wax candles are hand poured and crafted to perfection!

One of our best-selling candles are our aromatherapy candles. Our aromatherapy candles are 100% natural and are made from essential oils, soy and beeswax. They can burn for over 55 hours in total. These candles are especially great for those who want to de-stress and unwind in their homes. Our aromatherapy candles can add a sense of serenity and calmness to any living space!

Our floral candles also tend to have a calming effect for many of our customers. Our floral candles smell just like spring! You can shop our wide selection of floral candles on our website today. They’re a perfect addition to any home, especially in the spring and summertime!

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Libellule Candle Co. is based in Bucks County, PA, but you can shop our scented candles in Philadelphia and NJ. Some of our beeswax and soy candles are perfect all year round, and others are great seasonal items. Our holiday candles are great in the fall and winter months. You can buy them for your own home or to give to a friend or family member as a gift! Our holiday candles can bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia to any home in New Jersey.

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If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, our food candles are a great choice for you! We have food candles that smell just like the desserts and sweet treats you love, like Red Velvet Cupcake and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to name a few. Some of our food candles are also great seasonal candles that you can use around the holidays to make your home smell extra festive!

There are many things that sets Libellule Candle Co. apart from other candle stores in New Jersey. One unique service we offer is custom candles. Custom candles are great to give as gifts for a special occasion or as event favors. All you have to do is let us know some of the specifics of your custom candles, and we handle the rest. You’ll be able to choose a scent (or make your own), select a photo or logo you’d like on the front of the candle, and more! Our custom candles are a hit for those in the NJ area who want to give their friends and family members a memorable and unique gift.

Shop for the best beeswax and soy wax candles in NJ at our candle store. We have a wide variety of unique and wonderful smelling candles for you to choose from and use in your home. Find your new favorite candles online at Libellule Candle Co. today!