Who We Are

Hi there!  My name is Lynda. My husband Scott and I started Libellule Candle Co. in 2017, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where we have lived most of our lives.


I love candles. I always have. Probably since my first birthday cake! I burn them all-year long. Candles just make me feel good!  Many years ago, after painting the ceiling of my former home and seeing all of the soot that [paraffin] candle burning had left, I started researching better options. What I found is that soy candles burn cleaner, longer.... and don't release toxins into the air. Sign me up!

That is when I started burning only soy candles. This turned out to be decidedly more expensive. Motivated by the desire to affordably burn a candle that prevents me from having to paint the ceiling again, I set out to make my own.


The goal? A high-quality, renewable resource ingredients, natural, clean, long burning, affordable product with beautiful packaging that can be repurposed... Plus, it had to smell really good.

While that's quite the list, after much self-education and product testing, (and furthermore learning and testing,) our "Beans and Bees" candles were born. As it turns out, people liked them, and we liked making them! And thus, Libellule Candle Company was born.

We do everything ourselves. Pouring small batches at a time, to constantly test and formulate new scents from "scratch".  Scott is our self-appointed "scentologist" and together we aren't far from mad scientists in our basement "lab." (There is much more science involved in candle making then I ever realized!

My kids help us out too. My daughter works with the social media stuff (which I stink at,) and my youngest son does odd-jobs, like twisting plastic rings on wooden lids, and carrying boxes. They also help us out at shows.

Although hand-made, it is important for us to maintain consistency. We take a lot of pride in our products because we believe in them, use them ourselves, and love making them for others to enjoy!